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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take the back way home instead of walking down Sesame Street.

When you think about it... Sesame street was in the heart of an inner city. They had that cracked out cookie monster and a dude that lived in a trash can. Elmo giggles and laughs so much you can't tell me he doesn't have an LSD habit. ...And then there was that episode when big bird and his crew were on the corner shootin dice for like half the show. Maybe I made up that last part, but even so... In hindsight this video shouldn't be surprising...

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Kid Phoenix said...

It's true. Don't forget, Big Bird used to have that, ahem, 'Snuffalupagus' that no one else could see. Kind of like that crackhead I always see at the bus stop. And let's not forget about Maria. I think it's obvious what she was doing hanging around in front of Hooper's Store all the time. The only thing missing was a muppet that would slap its boyfriend with a houseshoe and yell at it for not having money.

This comment was brought to you by the letter 'A' and the numbers 4 and 13.