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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entrance Music

Ok so I got three songs i'm considering as my entrance music. First one I really like and would be something more like what you'ld expect me to come out to... but the other two might make make me stand out more by throwing everybody a curve ball. (I'll probably cut out some of the intro of the last song if I chose it.) Tell me what you think on the poll to the side.

Ali Vegas - the Future

Casa De Leones - No Te Veo

Panjabi MC - Jogi


Kid Phoenix said...

I'm the only one who voted for No Te Veo? I think this thing is rigged.

Anonymous said...

I heard No Te Veo a few times in Puerto Rico, it's definitely a hit. But have you translated the lyrics to that shit? lol

"Baby girl, baby girl, you look
so fine my fox,
I want to have you alone
And float with you forever"

I fear you will quickly lose your Spanish fan base.

- "Kid V" Chike - said...

those lyrics would just mean i'm lover and a fighter. maybe i'll lose the Spanish fan base that doesn't wear high heels, but i don't know about losing all of them.

Anonymous said...

that'd be almost as bad as my intro in cali j. timberlakes "sexy back". Lesson be learned never let the DJ "choose your intro"